in partnership with Women in THz

9-11 December 2020


  • Dr. Andrei Gorodetsky, University of Birmingham & ITMO University
  • Prof. Jerome Tignon, Sorbonne University & Ecole National Superieure
  • Dr. Olga Smolyanskaya, ITMO University
  • Maria Zhukova, ITMO University

This 2-day symposium will focus on emerging material-related areas of THz research; new approaches to material characterization with THz radiation, novel materials for THz transceivers and modulators, novel photonic THz systems and devices.

Internationally known experts in the THz field will join the symposium to discuss the most critical technological insights, discoveries and new practical applications.

The symposium will cover photonic and optoelectronic THz technology aspects, including but not limited to new photonic and optoelectronic THz sources, detectors, modulators, novel approaches in THz imaging and spectroscopy, and systems engineering.

The symposium topics will include:

  • Photoconductive Antennas and Photomixers

  • Optical pump – THz probe spectroscopy

  • THz imaging

  • THz microscopy

  • Nanophotonics for THz

  • THz metamaterials and Metasurfaces


Olga Smolyanskaya

ITMO University

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Andrei Gorodetsky

University of Birmigham, ITMO University

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Sergei Kuznetsov

Novosibirsk State University

Coming soon...

Dmitry Turchinovich

Bielefeld University

Coming soon...

Kaori Fukunaga

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Coming soon...

David Giovannacci

Laboratoire de Recherche des Monuments Historiques

Coming soon...

Jessica Boland

The University of Manchester

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Masayoshi Tonouchi

Osaka University

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Nikolay Petrov

ITMO University

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Oleg Mitrofanov

University College London

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Daniel Mittleman

Brown University

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Patrick Mounaix

University of Bordeaux

Coming soon...

Tyler Cocker

Michigan State University

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