10 December 2020

Chair: Dr. Alexey Bolshakov, St-Petersburg National Research Academic University

Low dimensional nanostructures such as nanowires and nanotubes provide new possibilities for the development of novel devices and materials due to their unique properties. The latter includes the ability to synthesize semiconductor nanowires on mismatched substrates, e.g. arsenides and nitrides on silicon. Novel approaches allow encapsulation of the nanowires in a polymer matrix for the development of flexible semiconductor devices. Carbon nanotubes, metal nanowires and other materials based on 1D structures can be used as conductive transparent electrodes for novel optoelectronic devices and provide other intriguing possibilities.

This session is devoted to the latest advances in synthesis, study and application of different perspectives materials based on 1D and quasi 1D structures.


Alexey Bolshakov

St.Petersburg Research Academic University

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